My students and I conduct research in environmental fluid mechanics, and physical and mathematical modeling of pollutant transport and mixing. Ongoing and recently completed projects include:

  • Environmental impacts of desalination (Kuwait-MIT Center for Natural Resources and the Environment)
  • Modeling multi-phase plumes with application to deep-sea oil spills (GoMRI DOI/MMS)
  • Applying chemical dispersants to sub-surface oil spills (Chevron)
  • A flexible curtain to contain oil from a deep ocean blowout (ENI)
  • Lagrangian simulation of the 3D dispersal of aging oil (NSF RAPID)
  • Innovative uses for a power plant’s thermal discharge: de-stratifying the Charles River Basin (NOAA/Sea Grant)
  • Experimental & mathematical models of sediment clouds (Singapore NRF)
  • Modeling the direct release of CO2 to the ocean (DOE/FE and OS)
  • Behavior of capped contaminated sediments (NOAA/Sea Grant; US ACE)


  • Adrian Lai, Research Engineer, SMART
  • Aaron Chow, Post-doc
  • Cindy Wang, PhD student
  • Ishita Shrivastava, PhD student
  • Tanguy Raguenez, MEng student
  • Kenneth Yu, MEng student


Image of descending sediment cloud composed of glass beads (light blue) and entrained ambient fluid (red).